TM Productions secured a grant from the Midwest Culture Lab, in partnership with Chicago Votes, to do outreach around police misconduct, elections, and other civic engagement from 2018-2020. We’ve reached out to influential Chicago artists we admire, and called on our community members to collaborate with us on designing posters and distributing them around the city.

A problem we’re addressing: news outlets and algorithms on social media attempt at controlling a narrative and use inaccessible language to talk about policies that impact young people.

A solution we’re working on: creating a city-wide poster campaign to talk about issues and policy that impacts black and brown people in the city of Chicago.

As a part of the new #GiveAShitChicago Collective, we are collaborating with Chicago artists, building a distribution team, and getting the word out about how to hold police and other state sanctioned entities accountable for their actions. This short-term poster campaign serves as TM Productions’ pilot project and a launch for future explainer and outreach projects around police misconduct & civic engagement.



VOTED ANYWAY Sticker (print run of 250) by Kahari Black & @lukegrantula

Nov 6, 2018


VOTED ANYWAY Cheat Sheet Flyer (print run of 30) by Kahari Black

Nov 5, 2018