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We secured a grant from the Midwest Culture Lab to do outreach around police misconduct, elections, and other civic engagement. We’ve reached out to influential Chicago artists we admire, and called on our community members to collaborate with us on designing posters and distributing them around the city.

A problem we’re addressing: news outlets and algorithms on social media attempt at controlling a narrative and use inaccessible language to talk about policies that impact young people.

A solution we’re working on: Creating a city-wide poster campaign to talk about issues and policy that impacts black and brown people in the city of Chicago.

As a part of the new #GiveAShitChicago Collective, we are collaborating with Chicago artists, building a distribution team, and getting the word out about how to hold police and other state sanctioned entities accountable for their actions. This short-term poster campaign serves as Trina & Maira’s pilot project and a launch for future explainer and outreach projects around police misconduct & civic engagement.

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About Trina & Maira

Trina Tyler is a masters student at the University of Chicago Harris Public School of Policy. She serves as a core organizer in BYP100, and researches gender-based violence at the Invisible Institute. She was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago.

Maira Khwaja is the engagement director at the Invisible Institute. She studied the history of the South Side at the University of Chicago. A first generation Pakistani-American, Maira was born in Pittsburgh. This is her seventh year in Chicago.

Projects produced by TM Productions are not representative of the Invisible Institute, BYP100, or the University of Chicago.